At Cline, we empower organizations to foster collaborative thinking to further drive workplace innovation. By closing the loop and leveraging agile frameworks, we help businesses grow organically and foster a consumer-first mindset.​

Call everywhere

Increase your market reach and the odds to convert your calls by getting your own phone numbers in each and every market you operate in. Make it easy and cheap for your clients to call you

Create a better calling experience with VoIP

Call your customers and prospects directly from CLINE platform with . Get crystal-clear call quality and take advantage of features like call logging and analytics.
Recorded calls are automatically logged on contact records in the CLINE CRM, so your team will always have the context they need to provide the best experience for your customers.


Have a full view of customers' history during calls

CLINE’s VoIP software allows you to call contacts directly from their record on the CLINE CRM, so you always have the full picture of their needs, activity, and past interactions with your company.


Your customers will never have to repeat themselves to multiple reps again.

Toll free numbers

A toll-free number is a telephone number that does not cost the person making the call. The recipient of the call – usually a business or customer service – pays for the minutes used.

we can use a local or international number

Calling & receiving calls from anywhere

We have multi scenario

  • Internal calls between employees.
  • Mobile phone send and receive if they used a GSM gateway (SIM Card).

All your contacts in one interface!

Our VoIP softphone will look everywhere for your contacts and will display them in a combined list for easy access. Outlook, windows/mac, LDAP, XCAP, Android, iOS. You name it, we got it and we will lookup incoming calls as well so you know who calls before you answer.


Bring your own device

cline runs on a multitude of different platforms. No matter if you are using macOS, Linux or Windows. iOS, Android or a browser, we’ve got a solution for all (and we are working hard on addition even more)


A call detail record (CDR)

is a data record produced by a telephone exchange that documents the details of a telephone call that passes through that facility or device.


The record contains various attributes of the call, such as time, duration, completion status, source number, and destination number.


VoIP is far from being only about online phone service. Some VoIP integrations help businesses make vital use of sales data, collaborate across departments, and better serve their customers.


Many VoIP service providers also provide CRM integrations that let you analyze customer interactions and feedback to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Dont worry about your
  • VoIP Management
  • VoIP Management
we are always here for you !​

Create immersive chat,video & voice calling experiences that skyrocket engagement and increase your app stickyness with our APIs and SDKs

Address Book

An address bookstore all your contacts. From here you can manage your contacts, create speed dial options, put together a group.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

This feature allows you to keep your old device when moving to a new service or provider. It’s a great way to save more money when switching to VoIP.

Call Forwarding

Manually forward a call to a different number.




in one place

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